• Daisy Watson

Toys That Every 90's Kid Circled in the Argos Catalogue

Sweet mems of preparing your Christmas list and playing with these classics.

  1. Sky Dancer - A quick spin and run job. If one of these bad bitches hit you in the face it was a pain like no other.

2. Magic Ball and Mitt - The best 5 minutes of fun you ever had.

3. Polly Pocket - These gals were just dyeing to wreck your mum's hoover.

4. Tamagotchi - Our first taste of parenthood. If your parents were trying to save £10, you probs got a Gigapet.

6. Furby - Watched you while you slept.

7. K'Nex - The ads made this look so simple to assemble. Lies.

8. Betty Spaghetty - The hair, the outfits. Girls were mad for Betty.

9. Beyblades - We let them rip all day long! Everyone be-friended the kid who owned the Beyblades Stadium.

10. Bop It - It's ok to admit you still enjoy trying to beat your high score as an adult.

1 1. Supersoaker - Being stealth AF , secretly filling up in the bathroom. Getting ready to attack your mum when she comes out to hang the washing up.

12. Gameboy - Kids of today won't know the struggles of trying to play your Gameboy in the backseat of your parents car, IN THE DARK.

13. Pin Art - The cool, metallic feeling when you pushed your face into one of these forgotten gems.

14. Micro Scooter - Taking people out round corners as you whip round your block on your micro scooter. Kids who had an electric scooter were next level.

15. PooChi - If you owned an electronic animal, you were definitely the rich friend.

16. Dancemat - Totally nailin' Cotton Eyed Joe.

17. Nintendo 64 - Bye bye social life.

18. Bratz - 'Cause Barbie is so ancient history.

19. A professional yoyo - One that lit up and everything. Sadly we weren't all destined for yoyo greatness.

20. Diva Starz - So fashion.

What toys were No.1 on your Christmas list? Like, comment and share!

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