• Daisy Watson

Top Xtina Jams of the 90s/Early 00s.

To celebrate our 90's babe Christina Aguilera turning 40 last month, let's take a look at her top hits of the period.

  1. Genie in a Bottle - When fresh faced Christina first hit the scene me and my fellow little ladies were making up dance routines and going mad for Genie in a Bottle. A song about Aladdin and his lamp.... right?

2. What a Girl Wants - TUNE.

3. Come on Over - Edgier Xtina with those red streaks.

4. Nobody Wants to be Lonely - Emotional duet with Ricky Martin. A song I felt I could relate to aged 7. Christina looking particularly stunning here.

5. Lady Marmalade - Xtina along with Lil Kim, Mya, Pink and Missy Elliott. I'd say this could be THE collab of the 00s.

6. Dirrrty - I feel like I have to put this in because it was a huge hit for Christina. Me however, well call me a bore on tour but I prefer her less leather clad days.

7. Beautiful - A very powerful song including a chorus with lyrics that everyone should listen to.

8. Fighter - A personal favourite with a super gothic, chic vid.

9. The Voice Within - Another emosh ballad from Xtina. We all know Xtina likes to cram as many notes into one sentence as possible but I must say, this ballad is beautifully sang.

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