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The Greatest TV Theme Tunes the 90s/Early 00s had to Offer

You were vibin' before the show even really began.

  1. Arthur

Believe in Yourself - Ziggy Marley

2. As Told by Ginger

I'm in Between - Macy Gray

3. Bananas in Pyjamas

Bananas In Pyjamas - Monica Trapaga

4. Bodger and Badger

An absolute jam!

5. Kim Possible

Call Me, Beep Me - Christina Milian

6. Ducktales

7. Drake and Josh

Performed by Drake Bell himself.

8. Fireman Sam

9. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Will Smith's Fresh Prince Rap - a classic.

10. The Junglies

No one even knows this programme which is so sad. If you are one of the rare beings that do, this tune was so catchy!

11 . Kenan and Kel

Preformed by Coolio.

12. Pokemon

13. Postman Pat

14. Power Rangers

15. Rosie and Jim

16. Rugrats

Just because it hits me right in the nostalgia heart.

17. Thomas the Tank Engine

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