• Daisy Watson

Discontinued Foods From 90s/Early 00s That Need a Comeback

The Mars Delight was the saddest loss to the supermarket shelves since the Heinz Cheese and Beans pizza.

1. Heinz Baked Bean Pizza - A taste sensation. What better combos are there than beans and cheese!?

2. Cadburys Dream - Creamy, white chocolate. Still sold in Australia and South Africa. The UK likes white chocolate too Cadbury!

3. Cadburys Marble - This was a taste f****n' sensation! Hazelnut praline centre, yes please.

4. Cadburys Flake Snow - A normal flake but white chocolate, not milk. Covered in milk chocolate. Why have they done this to us.

5. Mars Delight - One of the best chocolate bars ever. Period. Someone start a petition.

6. Milky Bar Choo - Take a Milky Bar and mix it with fudge and you got the choo. DEVINE.

7. Wotsits Oven Chips - Now, I have been accused of making these up. They are real, they were Iceland and they were great.

8. Monster Munch Ice Cream - I am all about that sweet and salty life but the masses thought these were a disgrace, hence why they are no more.

9. Toffo - "Lynne, can you nip to the shops and get me... 2 packets of Toffo's." - Alan Partridge

10. Opal Fruits - Not gone, just a name change to Starburst and a couple different flavours.

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