• Daisy Watson

10 Best On-Screen Santa's From The 90s & Early 00s


  1. Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas - 1993 - I have a "Zero" tolerance policy for those who disagree.

2. Homer Simpson - The Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire - 1989 - I KNOW December 1989, not 90's. But The Simpsons is so classic and not only Christmas themed but this was the first ever full length episode! History was made that night.

3. The Grinch - Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - "THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT". Textbook Jim Carrey

4. Father Christmas - Father Christmas - 1991 - The TV adaptation of the Raymond Briggs' books. Voiced by Mel Smith with a great song included, "Another Bloomin' Christmas". Deserves much more hype than it gets.

5. Scott Calvin - The Santa Clause - 1994 - Watching Tim Allen slowly transform into Santa Claus is satisfying, even if that scene in the North Pole where he's flirting with Judy the Elf is slightly unsettling. I know she said she's like 200 years old but still, reign it in Scott.

6. Chandler - The One With the Holiday Armadillo - 2000. Friends holiday special featuring Ross's hilarious Holiday Armadillo. He's Santa's representative for all the Southern states!

7. Al Bundy - Married With Children - 1992 - I didn't say all these Santa's were necessarily the good kind. This great episode was when Al reminisced on the year where he didn't have to buy his family Christmas presents because he turned them against each other.

8. Santa - Elf - 2003 - OH MY GOD SANTAAA!! I KNOW HIM.

9. Willie T. Stokes - Bad Santa - 2003 - Probably the worst Santa there is which makes him one of the best. An unshaven, alcoholic con man, but us ladies found him strangely sexayyy.

10. Kris Kringle - Miracle on 34th Street - 1994. I've saved the best 'til last. Is Richard Attenborough the actual Santa Claus? That scene with the deaf girl melt my heart every time. "My workshops are invisible..... I thought that was perfectly understood".

Who were your favourite on-screen Santa's? Share, comment and like!

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