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20 Christmas Memories UK 90's Kids Can't Let Go Of

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Those days when all you needed was the Argos catalogue and your dad draping tinsel over anything with a frame to get you into the Christmas spirit.

90s Argos Catalogue

1. Allocating a solid half day to go through the Argos catalogue, circling all those amazing toys that were making it onto this years Christmas list. TRIPLE circling the ones you wanted the most. I remember one year ripping out the page of "Baby Born" dolls and accessories, handing it to my mum and saying thank you.

90s and 00s Festive Playlist

2. Singin' away to these tunes, hoping they would get Christmas No.1. What has happened to the Christmas No.1? No one cares anymore, there's no battling for the top spot anymore. Us 90's kids won't forget.

Nickelodeon's Holiday Season

3. Feeling sick with excitement when Nickelodeon started airing their festive themed episodes. And then being brain washed by all the toys they advertised.

4. If it wasn't the Coke ad it was the Toys R Us ad we were jammin' along too. R.I.P Geoffrey.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, 1964

5. Recording that random 60's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie with that weird animation AND LOVING IT.

Christmas Beanie Babies

6. Collecting as many Christmas themed Beanie Babies as possible because they were gonna pay off your mortgage in the future.

7. Watching these Christmas classics.

TV on Wheels

8. Christmas in lower school, feeling like a don bringing in your cocktail sausages for the buffet and then they'd wheel this bad boy in for a Christmas movie. BLISS.

Woolworths Christmas Bag

9. Woolworths - the saddest loss to the British high street. Why didn't someone save the Pick a Mix!?

Home Alone

10. Dying inside when Kevin made that bangin' macaroni cheese and DIDN'T EAT IT.

B Witched - To You I Belong

11, Going all wintery chic with blue frosted eye shadow, white clothing and a bit of shine for the Christmas school disco. Reading through "Mizz" and "Shout" for tips on pulling your crush this festive season.

Nativity Set

12. Playing with your nan's nativity set and accidentally losing the Baby Jesus under the sofa.


13. Begging for a Furby and quickly realising they're the spawn of Satan and you've made a huge mistake.

90s Christmas Lights

14. Secretly eating Christmas tree chocolates whilst your mum untangles these old-school Christmas tree lights

15. Being mind blown by the ground-breaking animation of the polar bears in the Coca Cola advert.

Letter from Santa

16. Being in shock when Santa actually wrote us back.

Vintage Quality Street

17. Being pranked by your parents, thinking you had quality street left but your mum had turned it into a sewing box.

Christmas Ceiling Decoration

18. Living in a wonderfully tacky, garish grotto for a month. Everything with a frame had tinsel, the ceiling had these bad boys and trees were covered in silver.

19. Getting confused as to why the East 17 boys were all festive and wintery in space, but not thinking too hard because CHRISTMAS.

Vintage stocking

20. Waiting impatiently at 6am for your mum and dad to put their bedroom light on so you could show them the amazing things Santa brought you.

What are your fondest memories of Christmas? Comment and share!

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